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Tanzanian Designers’ Pride!

Tanzania Fashion Designers Association (TAFDA) is an independent industry trade association registered in Tanzania by the Registrar of Societies: Reg. No. S.A. 21082.

TAFDA was formed due to an increasingly high demand for indigenous fashion designers. Following three decades of a disorganized but fast growing fashion industry, Tanzania witnessed remarkable landmarks such as the establishment of fully fledged fashion houses, the proliferation of new fashion talent and the establishment of the decade old annual Swahili Fashion Week and Awards.

TAFDA aims to better facilitate the growth of Tanzania’s fashion industry by becoming a truly national association with chapters spanning all regions of Tanzania in a zonal or regional format.

Our association has the following broad objectives which include among others:

  1. To encourage the establishment of a sustainable and distinctive Tanzanian fashion industry influenced by the arts, cultures and lifestyles of Tanzania.
  2. To develop the skills and inculcate professionalism in the fashion industry in Tanzania.
  3. To preserve, safeguard and promote the rights and interests of its members.
  4. To promote, support or provide advice on legislation, regulations, by-laws, orders, rules or amendments thereof governing the control of the Fashion industry in Tanzania or other measures affecting the rights and interests of its members.
  5. To provide representation on all matters, acts and policies affecting the interests of its members.
  6. To make recommendations, suggestions and proposals to government and stakeholders for improving the fashion and apparel industry in Tanzania.
  7. To set up incubators for aspiring designers and initiate the facilitation of workshops for its members.

Designer / TAFDA Member Ailinda Sawe

TAFDA’s Mission is to harness the efforts of the fashion community in Tanzania in promoting excellence, creativity and innovation in fashion designing to a global status.


TAFDA’s Vision is attaining world class professionalism while upholding principles in its endeavors and stand out as the best and leading national fashion association in Africa, always spurred by the passion of its members in producing the best in fashion.


Executive Committee

Hereunder is the list of the members of the first Executive Committee, including 3 ex officio members:



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